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About Briliant Bimhah

Briliant Bimhah is an ambitious young black woman who believes in taking leaps exploring all aspects of life. She is a social entrepreneur with a vision for creating change in the lives of women and girls all across the globe through volunteering as a leader and advocate in ASRHR (Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights)  programming for young women and girls in her community. She is a career woman who believes in corporate excellence, excelling in the fields of Science and Technology, Digital Media and Beauty. Briliant also believes in nurturing talent for the advancement of progressiveness in society, to this effect she is a model who promotes body positivity with beauty tips for women of all intersectionality and a writer who pursues the truth of emancipation and self-actualization for a better life.



My Story

I am a Bulawayo born and bred girl, self-made and ambitious, having learned to break the limitations that the world serves, particularly in the Zimbabwean landscape. I do all my work with a passion that drives my brilliance. My biggest lesson has been that new networks are made every day through different interactions and with new networks comes new opportunities that open new doors to succeeding. As a young smart and intelligent woman I have excelled in my academics majoring in Science and Technology, however, as a young black woman who has learnt to own her identity and pursue a greater purpose I have taken a stand in modeling, promoting body positivity breaking a barrier that I myself once set for myself through body insecurities and I have since learned to let my voice out loud and let it be heard, speaking truths of emancipation, which I have done through pursuing writing. It was an honor to get the opportunity to write my first ever published piece which was featured in an award-winning anthology in Literary Arts, The Students' Eye- Perspective on Campus Culture. You can read this anthology here...which was dedicated to improving the lives of young people through raising awareness of the challenges they face as well as sensitize them on their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. I have since been inspired to keep writing and sharing my skills with other people from different walks of life, writing about different topics that have had a great impact on my life professionally and socially!.... above all I am always looking forward to taking up new challenges and making new interactions with different people the world over. I hope you enjoy and benefit from my content and life story!